Music is Fun Band performances are an integral part of our music education programme at St Peters School and complements the classroom music speciality lessons brilliantly.

The students learnt a lot about team work, being risk takers, types of instruments and their uniqueness, and having fun with music.

The energy, musicianship, costumes and creativity on show was nothing short of exceptional!

It was such a fabulous way to start our day, and we are sure there will be lots of excited children with many stories to tell tonight.

Our R – 6 students (and their teachers) were not only involved in dressing up in costumes, singing and dancing, but also learnt about different instruments and the different sounds they made.

Such a fun, as well as, educational morning here at St Joseph’s School with a visit from the much loved ‘Music is Fun’ Band.

YES, we are thrilled to have ‘Music is Fun’ back again next year.  I told the children at assembly and there was a huge cheer!

Parents tell me their children were inspired by the concert and are wanting to take up an instrument.

The students are still talking about how much they loved the ‘Music is Fun’ performance, and how much they learned.

Thank you for the performance this morning. Great engagement and fun was had by all students and teachers.